Although there are a number of active water related associations in South Australia (such as the AWA, Engineers Australia Environmental Society, Hydsoc and Limnology Society of Australia), Stormwater South Australia has a specific role to provide focus on promoting best practice stormwater management for Metropolitan Areas. Given Adelaide's imminent in-fill development challenge over the next 20 years or so, Stormwater South Australia has a real chance to influence this - for the long term benefit of the community.

Adelaide has a long history of community concern over water issues on the River Murray, the Mount Lofty Ranges and Gulf of St Vincent - Stormwater South Australia need to help the practioners and community to appreciate measures that need to be taken on stormwater (in their own backyard so to speak) at both a catchment, neighbourhood/precinct and property scale.

At the same time, Stormwater South Australia must increase awareness of the increasing need for local government to develop "urban stormwater management plans", and the need for state government to take a leadership role in maximising multi-objective outcomes in urban stormwater management, such as improved water quality, improved environmental values, public amenity and recreation and stormwater use (or reuse).

Mission Statement

Stormwater South Australia is an integral part of Stormwater Australia.

Stormwater South Australia mission is to assist in the development of a sustainable stormwater industry for the greater benefit of its members and the broader public.

To succeed in this mission, Stormwater South Australia has adopted the objectives outlined in the following table. This table also outlines the Business Plan actions which aim to achieve these objectives.

 Objectives and Actions

Objective Number

Stormwater SA Objective

Stormwater SA Business Plan Actions to Achieve Objectives


To promote stormwater as an integral component of Total Water Cycle and Catchment Management through the efficient provision of:

  • Stormwater drainage services to the community;
  • Flood Mitigation;
  • Pollution prevention of receiving waters; and
  • Beneficial use of stormwater as an integral part of improved management of the urban water cycle.

Assist in the identification of threats and opportunities associated with stormwater in the urban environment.

  • Ongoing education of industry members through seminars, workshops, technical tours, conferences, newsletters and the Stormwater South Australia website (Latest Industry news, Feature Projects, and direction to appropriate Guidelines via the Links page of the website).
  • Stormwater SA will facilitate an increase in the SA content of Stormwater Australia Literature, eg. Stormwater Newsletter.


To create a concept of an integrated industry and encourage inter-disciplinary contacts between organisations and individuals within the industry.

  • Commitment to organising or supporting Industry-related seminars, workshops, technical tours, conferences , and other networking opportunities.
  • Liaise with all levels of the government and the public.


To promote the industry, making the community aware of the importance of stormwater systems, and invite public input to decision-making, creating an informed customer base.

  • Currently in SA, this role is carried out well by NRM Boards – Stormwater SA will continue to maintain strong links with (through Committee membership) and support these Boards.
  • Stormwater SA will seek to assist and support South Australian industries which operate or seek to operate in areas of sustainable stormwater planning and management.


To encourage research and development of processes, materials and devices for more effective management of stormwater, including the collection of data, and maintenance of an industry data-base of technical and product information.

  • The Stormwater SA website incorporates a continually updated list of products and services offered by Stormwater SA members.
  • Technical information is found within the Stormwater SA website, and via the many links to other relevant websites which also provide information on stormwater related issues.


To provide guidelines, standards of service and procedures where authoritative advice is lacking.

  • Commitment to supporting appropriate initiatives to fill these ‘gaps’ in information by assisting in the production and improvement of industry guidelines and standardised practices associated with stormwater planning and management.


To encourage new urban development and re-development, designs and practises which are compatible with best practice in Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and sustainable stormwater planning and management.

  • Through seminars, workshops, technical tours, conferences, newsletters and our website, the Stormwater SA is committed to the promotion of innovation in the urban water management sector, and development that embraces best management practises in stormwater management.
  • Stormwater SA will provide a lobby for reform of government policy and legislation where these are seen to be detrimental to both the long term interests of the stormwater industry and sustainable outcomes for the customers of the services provided by the industry.


To provide informed advice on issues affecting the industry.

  • Such advice shall be provided on an ‘as required’ basis, through the established communication lines of the website, radio and television media (through engagement of media liaison consultant).


To cooperate with other associations involved with aspects of water management.

  • The Stormwater SA list of members (including the Committee) includes representatives from many other areas of water management.
  • The Stormwater SA will also continue to work alongside other associations (eg. IPWEA, Hydsoc, AWA, Local Government Supervisors) in the organisation and support of seminars, workshops, technical tours, conferences and other knowledge sharing/networking opportunities.